A condensed Vancouver fishing report for June, July, August and September.

Summer in Vancouver offers lots of different fishing options and is prime season for saltwater salmon fishing charters and sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River.  This year in 2017 we’ll also have a massive run of pink salmon that will make for some excellent fly fishing action on local rivers. Keep in mind that summer is crazy busy for us, so if you’re looking for a trip, it’s a good idea to book your Vancouver fishing trip early.



  • Vancouver salmon fishing charters start seeing an increase in the size of chinook salmon and other species of salmon start moving into local waters, including coho and pink salmon.
  • The best salmon fishing is usually on the southern Gulf Islands and in Howe Sound, both trips are accessed on our full-day charters.
  • The Vancouver summer sturgeon fishing season starts as river levels continue to rise in June due to melting snow.
  • We generally recommend our Chilliwack sturgeon fishing trips during June, as the Canyon trips can be compromised by higher water levels.
  • Our Vancouver fly fishing trips aren’t terribly worthwhile in June, as local rivers are nearing their peak flow rates.  We do have some good fly fishing in Whistler, where local lakes fish well in June.

Our 10 hour Vancouver salmon charters will put you into solid chinook (king) salmon fishing for fish in the 10-20 pound range.

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  • July put salmon fishing charters in to full swing as local salmon fishing becomes very consistent for all species of Pacific salmon.  Book early because this is a busy time of year.
  • Sturgeon fishing begins to hit its peak season.  July is when the Fraser River steadies in terms of water levels.  Both our Vancouver sturgeon fishing locations offer very good fishing.
  • Fly fishing trips start again on local rivers as they begin to find their shape after the high waters of May and June. By early July the smaller tributary rivers are fishing well for trout.

July is the kickoff of some serious sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River.



  • Salmon fishing charters in Vancouver are an August favorite.  Solid numbers of fish and sunny days on the water make them immensely popular, book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Our Fraser River sturgeon fishing trips are also an incredibly good choice if you’re looking for a cool trip. You can expect really really good sturgeon fishing!
  • Fly fishing on local rivers is good for rainbow and bull trout. In 2017 we’ll have lots of action starting in August for pink salmon on our Vancouver fly fishing trips, well worth coming to experience that fishery with us.
  • August is also a great time to be in Whistler, with good trout fishing opportunities on the Birkenhead River and Green Lake.

Lots and lots of options for all types of fishing in August, including the always popular Vancouver salmon fishing charters we offer leaving right from downtown.



  • Wow so much to do in September for fishing close to Vancouver.  All our trips are prime timing, salmon, sturgeon and fly fishing trips are all super worthwhile with very good fishing for all.
  • Salmon fishing is focused on the local chinook (king) salmon fishing on the west Vancouver shoreline about 15 minutes from the boat moorage. September is when we see some of our biggest salmon in Vancouver waters.
  • You can expect Fraser River sturgeon fishing near Vancouver to be in its absolute prime with lots of big fish around and multiple hookups part of a day on the water.
  • Vancouver fly fishing trips will be focused on pink salmon and trout, as our local rivers start really getting into good shape and seeing the first major pushes of salmon!

September is one of the best months of the year for fishing in Vancouver!  This summer should be extra exciting as we’re expecting a big run of pink salmon on the Squamish River for our fly fishing trips.


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